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Ideas of Isaiah Berlin, by Text

[British, 1909 - 1998, Born at Riga. At Oxford University.]

1958 Two Concepts of Liberty
p.57 Berlin distinguishes 'negative' and 'positive' liberty, and rejects the latter [Swift]
1965 The Roots of Romanticism
Ch.1 p.1 Romanticism is the greatest change in the consciousness of the West
Ch.1 p.3 Judaism and Christianity views are based on paternal, family and tribal relations
Ch.1 p.4 The Greeks have no notion of obligation or duty
Ch.2 p.25 Most Enlightenment thinkers believed that virtue consists ultimately in knowledge
Ch.6 p.139 If we are essentially free wills, authenticity and sincerity are the highest virtues
Ch.6 p.142 Central to existentialism is the romantic idea that there is nothing to lean on
1996 The Sense of Reality
p.168-9 p.6 The great moments are the death of Aristotle, Machiavelli, and Romanticism [Watson]