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Ideas of Machamer,P/Darden,L/Craver,C, by Text

[American, fl. 2000, At Pittsburgh, Maryland and Florida Universities.]

2000 Thinking About Mechanisms
1 p.2 Mechanisms are not just push-pull systems
1 p.3 A mechanism explains a phenomenon by showing how it was produced
1 p.3 Mechanisms are systems organised to produce regular change
3 p.4 Our account of mechanism combines both entities and activities
3 p.5 Activities have place, rate, duration, entities, properties, modes, direction, polarity, energy and range
3 p.6 Functions are not properties of objects, they are activities contributing to mechanisms
3.1 p.6 Penicillin causes nothing; the cause is what penicillin does
3.2 p.7 Laws of nature have very little application in biology
5.1 p.13 Descriptions of explanatory mechanisms have a bottom level, where going further is irrelevant
5.3 p.16 We can abstract by taking an exemplary case and ignoring the detail
7 p.21 We understand something by presenting its low-level entities and activities
7 p.22 The explanation is not the regularity, but the activity sustaining it
7 p.22 There are four types of bottom-level activities which will explain phenomena