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Ideas of Michael Burke, by Text

[Australian, fl. 1992, Lecturer at Victoria University, Australia.]

1994 Dion and Theon: an essentialist solution
p.15 'The rock' either refers to an object, or to a collection of parts, or to some stuff [Wasserman]
p.15 Sculpting a lump of clay destroys one object, and replaces it with another one [Wasserman]
p.152 Burke says when two object coincide, one of them is destroyed in the process [Hawley]
p.152 Persistence conditions cannot contradict, so there must be a 'dominant sortal' [Hawley]
p.161 Two entities can coincide as one, but only one of them (the dominant sortal) fixes persistence conditions [Sider]
p.162 Tib goes out of existence when the tail is lost, because Tib was never the 'cat' [Sider]
p.164 The 'dominant' of two coinciding sortals is the one that entails the widest range of properties [Sider]
p.179 Maybe the clay becomes a different lump when it becomes a statue [Koslicki]