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[American, fl. 1999, Professors at Purdue and Syracuse Universities.]

1999 Substance and Individuation in Leibniz
1.1.1 p.15 We can ask for the nature of substance, about type of substance, and about individual substances
1.1.2 p.16 The general assumption is that substances cannot possibly be non-substances
1.1.2 p.18 We can go beyond mere causal explanations if we believe in an 'order of being'
1.2.2 p.22 Modern essences are sets of essential predicate-functions
2.2 p.24 Modern essentialists express essence as functions from worlds to extensions for predicates
2.2.1 p.65 Scholastics treat relations as two separate predicates of the relata
3.2.2 n46 p.122 Even extreme modal realists might allow transworld identity for abstract objects
7.3 p.269 Maybe 'substance' is more of a mass-noun than a count-noun
7.4.1 p.271 Necessity-of-origin won't distinguish ex nihilo creations, or things sharing an origin
7.4.1 p.273 If you individuate things by their origin, you still have to individuate the origins themselves
7.4.1 p.274 Numerical difference is a symmetrical notion, unlike proper individuation
7.4.4 p.278 Haecceity as property, or as colourless thisness, or as singleton set