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Ideas of David-Hillel Ruben, by Text

[American, fl. 1990, At LSE, then Professor at NYU in London, and at Birkbeck, London]

1990 Explaining Explanation
Ch 1 p.7 Usually explanations just involve giving information, with no reference to the act of explanation
Ch 1 p.9 Paradox: why do you analyse if you know it, and how do you analyse if you don't?
Ch 4 p.124 The 'symmetry thesis' says explanation and prediction only differ pragmatically
Ch 5 p.175 Reducing one science to another is often said to be the perfect explanation
Ch 5 p.180 Facts explain facts, but only if they are conceptualised or named appropriately
Ch 6 p.197 Most explanations are just sentences, not arguments
Ch 7 p.210 An explanation needs the world to have an appropriate structure
Ch 7 p.231 The causal theory of explanation neglects determinations which are not causal