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Ideas of Gordon Graham, by Text

[British, b.1949, At St Andrews University, then Professor at Aberdeen.]

2004 Eight Theories of Ethics
Ch.1 p.3 'Subjectivism' is an extension of relativism from the social group to the individual
Ch.5 p.85 Life is only absurd if you expected an explanation and none turns up
Ch.5 p.85 The key to existentialism: the way you make choices is more important than what you choose
Ch.5 p.86 A standard problem for existentialism is the 'sincere Nazi'
Ch.5 p.96 It is more plausible to say people can choose between values, than that they can create them
Ch.6 p.114 'What if everybody did that?' rather misses the point as an objection to cheating
Ch.7 p.139 Negative consequences are very hard (and possibly impossible) to assess
Ch.7 p.140 The chain of consequences may not be the same as the chain of responsibility
Ch.7 p.143 We can't criticise people because of unforeseeable consequences
Ch.7 p.144 Rescue operations need spontaneous benevolence, not careful thought
Ch.9 p.176 Egoism submits to desires, but cannot help form them
Ch.9 p.178 Existentialism may transcend our nature, unlike eudaimonism
Ch.9 p.190 The great religions are much more concerned with the religious life than with ethics
Ch.9 p.198 Western religion saves us from death; Eastern religion saves us from immortality