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Ideas of H.A. Prichard, by Text

[British, 1871 - 1947, White's Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Oxford.]

1912 Does moral phil rest on a mistake?
p.13 We feel obligations to overcome our own failings, and these are not relations to other people
p.17 Virtues won't generate an obligation, so it isn't a basis for morality
p.17 The 'Ethics' is disappointing, because it fails to try to justify our duties
p.19 The mistake is to think we can prove what can only be seen directly in moral thinking
n4 p.10 If pain were instrinsically wrong, it would be immoral to inflict it on ourselves
1925 What is the Basis of Moral Obligation?
p.1 In philosophy the truth can only be reached via the ruins of the false
p.1 Seeing the goodness of an effect creates the duty to produce it, not the desire
p.5 I see the need to pay a debt in a particular instance, and any instance will do
p.6 The complexities of life make it almost impossible to assess morality from a universal viewpoint