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Ideas of Henri Poincaré, by Text

[French, 1854 - 1912, Professor of Mathematics at the Sorbonne.]

1894 On the Nature of Mathematical Reasoning
p.107 Poincaré rejected the actual infinite, claiming definitions gave apparent infinity to finite objects [Lavine]
1901 talk
p.430 Convention, yes! Arbitrary, no! [Putnam]
1902 Science and Hypothesis
p.20 p.363 Mathematicians do not study objects, but relations between objects
1906 The Value of Science
Pt III p.52 The aim of science is just to create a comprehensive, elegant language to describe brute facts [Harré]
1908 Science and Method
p.65 p.154 One geometry cannot be more true than another
1909 The Logic of Infinity
p.63 p.126 Avoid non-predicative classifications and definitions