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Ideas of Bernard Bolzano, by Text

[Czechoslovakian, 1781 - 1848, Born in Prague. German-speaking. Catholic priest. Professor at University of Prague. Sacked for liberal views in 1819.]

1837 Theory of Science (Wissenschaftslehre, 4 vols)
p.6 Philosophical proofs in mathematics establish truths, and also show their grounds [Correia/Schnieder]
p.6 Propositions are abstract structures of concepts, ready for judgement or assertion [Correia/Schnieder]
p.17 Bolzano saw propositions as objective entities, existing independently of us [Potter]
p.28 Bolzano wanted to reduce all of geometry to arithmetic [Brown,JR]
p.67 Bolzano began the elimination of intuition, by proving something which seemed obvious [Dummett]
p.129 Bolzano wanted to avoid Kantian intuitions, and prove everything that could be proved [Dummett]
Pref p. The ground of a pure conceptual truth is only in other conceptual truths
3 p.39 The laws of thought are true, but they are not the axioms of logic [George/Van Evra]
Pref? p. A 'proposition' is the sense of a linguistic expression, and can be true or false
1846 Paradoxes of the Infinite
p.131 A truly infinite quantity does not need to be a variable
4 p.56 An aggregate in which order does not matter I call a 'set'