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Ideas of Joseph Butler, by Text

[British, 1692 - 1752, Bishop of Durham.]

1726 Fifteen Sermons
p.176 Butler exalts conscience, but it may be horribly misleading [Anscombe]
1732 works
p.48 Everything is what it is, and not another thing
1736 Analogy of Religion
App.1 p.100 A tree remains the same in the popular sense, but not in the strict philosophical sense
App.1 p.100 If consciousness of events makes our identity, then if we have forgotten them we didn't exist then
App.1 p.100 Consciousness presupposes personal identity, so it cannot constitute it
App.1 p.102 If the self changes, we have no responsibilities, and no interest in past or future
App.1 p.102 Despite consciousness fluctuating, we are aware that it belongs to one person