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Ideas of Jean Buridan, by Text

[French, 1298 - 1360, Probably born at Bethune, France.]

1338 talk
p. A rational donkey would starve to death between two totally identical piles of hay [PG]
1344 Questions on Aristotle's Posterior Analytics
I.28c p.497 Why can't we deduce secondary qualities from primary ones, if they cause them?
1346 Questions on Aristotle's Physics
I.10, f. 13vb p.696 A thing is (less properly) the same over time if each part is succeeded by another
I.15 f. 18vb p.23 Induction is not demonstration, because not all of the instances can be observed
I.15 f. 18vb p.23 Science is based on induction, for general truths about fire, rhubarb and magnets
I.8 f. 11va p.295 Without magnitude a thing would retain its parts, but they would have no location