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Ideas of Anon (Dham), by Text

[Indian, fl. 250 BCE, Compiler of the Dhammapada.]

250BCE The DhammaPada
1.1 p.35 Our life is the creation of our mind
1.5 p.35 Hate is conquered by love
13.170 p.60 The world is just the illusion of an appearance
14.186 p.63 Even divine pleasure will not satisfy the wise, as it is insatiable, and leads to pain
17.224 p.68 Speak the truth, yield not to anger, give what you can to him who asks
5.61 p.44 Don't befriend fools; either find superior friends, or travel alone
9.121 p.52 The foolish gradually fill with evil, like a slowly-filled water-jar
9.122 p.52 The wise gradually fill with good, like a slowly-filled water-jar