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Ideas of Zeno (Elea), by Text

[Greek, c.490 - 430 BCE, Born at Elea, in Italy. Handsome young companion of Parmenides, based in Elea.]

450BCE fragments/reports
p.161 The fast runner must always reach the point from which the slower runner started [Aristotle]
A25 p.75 We don't have time for infinite quantity, but we do for infinite divisibility, because time is also divisible [Aristotle]
A27? p.76 Zeno's arrow paradox depends on the assumption that time is composed of nows [Aristotle]
A29 p.79 Zeno is wrong that one grain of millet makes a sound; why should one grain achieve what the whole bushel does? [Aristotle]
B3 p.47 If there are many things they must have a finite number, but there must be endless things between them
B3 p.79 If everything is in a place, what is the place in? Place doesn't exist [Simplicius]
B4 p.47 That which moves, moves neither in the place in which it is, nor in that in which it is not