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Ideas of Epicharmus, by Text

[Greek, c.510 - 450 BCE, Born at Syracuse. Wrote comic plays. Died in Sicily.]

470BCE comedies (frags)
B02 p.35 Additional or removal of any part changes a thing, so people are never the same person
B05 p.36 A dog seems handsome to another a dog, and even a pig to another pig
B23 p.37 God knows everything, and nothing is impossible for him
B30 p.37 Hands wash hands; give that you may get
B32 p.37 Against a villain, villainy is not a useless weapon
B44 p.38 Pleasures are like pirates - if you are caught they drown you in a sea of pleasures
B57 p.39 Human logos is an aspect of divine logos, and is sufficient for successful living